June 2018

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

Monday, June 11, 2018

7:00 pm


The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on June 11, 2018 at the Camargo Community Building.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Village President Bart Dann.  Roll call found the following trustees present: Scott Tague, Jim Hardway, Pam Sigler, Jeane Brieland, Laura Miller and Gary Gilpin.  Water Superintendent Rick Kielhorn and Village Treasurer Shirley Badman were also in attendance.



Tim Wegeng was present to discuss the Camargo sign.  This sign is still owned by the Villa Grove Chamber of Commerce.  He checked out the sign and the boards are NOT in good shape.  He is guessing the repairs on the boards alone will be around $1000, plus $500 for new signs, and $500 for the remaining necessary repairs…bringing the total of the sign repairs to $2500.  He recommends and requests a signed document stating that the Village of Camargo resumes responsibility and ownership of the sign.  His suggestion is that the Chamber of Commerce either split the cost and ownership 50% / 50% or sign everything over to the Village of Camargo.  Tim stated the boards are almost falling apart.  He has some ideas for a red, white and blue sign.  Jim stated he would prefer the Chamber to just release the sign to the Village.  Bart stated he would get with Bruce Allen to discuss the issues and estimates for the sign.

Jim Hardway made a motion:  Tim Wegeng is NOT to exceed $2500 on the repairs of the sign and is ONLY permitted to perform the necessary work IF the Chamber of Commerce gifts the sign to the Village or agrees to share the costs of repairs.  Jeane Brieland seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.



There was an error on May’s minutes.  The Neighborhood Night Out times are incorrect.  The evening ends at 8pm.  Laura Miller made a motion to accept the minutes with the correction.  Jim Hardway seconded the motion and the Board passed it unanimously.



Jim Hardway made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Gary Gilpin seconded the motion, and the Board passed it unanimously.


Regarding the check to ERBA:  Shirley stated she and Bart met with two representatives from ERBA Head Start.  When the lease was signed, the Village agreed to share the costs of the phone bill and the internet.  Shirley has asked for an invoice for several months and never received one.  There was never a set amount agreed upon regarding our portion of the phone bill.  Bart and Shirley agreed to pay $100 per month for the phone.  She cut a check for the past 15 months (starting at January of last year through April of this year).  Shirley now has contact information as well to ensure that we will always be up to date and current regarding their invoicing.

Regarding the check to 3C’s:  This amount was more than the quote due to glass beads and balancing on the new tires.



Update on Camargo Sign – see above

Update on Playground / Swing – It has been ordered and should be delivered and set up in approximately 2 weeks.

Update on JR Alderman – There has been no interest at the school or otherwise.  Jeane made a social media post regarding it and there were no comments there either.  Salisa asked if the Board would like to open up the selection process to include freshmen and sophomores.  Bart stated he would like to keep it at juniors and seniors.  We will continue to include this request on social media and the newsletter.

Update on Water Billing System – Shirley loves it!  Every physical address has been located and attached to the PO Box address.  Our new system has a mailing address and a physical address for each meter.  The accounts entered are separated by 10’s in route number.  This leaves room to add new accounts as needed.  The accounts will be uploaded this evening and the system is going live tomorrow.  This month we will be using our new system and the new water bills.  The program is awesome, and it has been a good experience.

Update on Clean Up Days – Scott Tague, Bart Dann, Rick Kielhorn, and Marty Kirkman all worked clean up days.  Only 3 people from Patterson Springs showed up.  Next year, Bart would like to issue permits for Patterson Springs and Lakewood Estates to be allowed to utilize clean up days.  This would be a one-time $20 fee.


Special thank you to Rick, Scott, and Marty!



ERBA – Head Start had an arborist come out and check out some trees inside in their fence.  There is a dead tree.  Either we can move it, or they can have it cut down.  Rick stated he would remove the dead tree.  The shed is staying on the concrete pad to assist in ventilation and reduce the possibility of wood rot in the bottom of the shed.  There will an area of 35’ x 30’ that will be filled in with pea gravel.  They will grade the soil around the fence.  They asked if we could move the telephone pole, so they could get their truck moved in.  The Board was okay with this, and Rick said he would make sure it happened.  The fence and shed must be fenced in per State law.  They also advised that Rick and Doug can spray for weeds around the fence.  They just ask that Denise be notified no less than 3 business days in advance.  She must notify the parents.  They will seed for grass after the soil has been graded and replace the dead grass spots.  They asked if they could store their pea gravel next to our pile of mulch until they are done and ready for it.  Everything is on Head Start’s dime and there are no objections to any of the improvements from the Board.


Verison Tower – The Verizon project began on July 06, 2016.  Bart believes they are in breech of their own contract since construction has not yet begun.  He would like to send the contract to Andrew Beckett for review.  Pam Sigler made a motion for Bart to send the contract to Beckett’s office.  Scott Tague seconded the motion, and the Board passed it unanimously.


  • Rodney Farris’s sidewalk was removed. It has been leveled, and the extra soil removed.  He will add some dirt back in after it settles.  Now that is has rained, he will top it with black soil, rake it, and seed it for grass.
  • Doug was on vacation the week before Memorial Day. Three days later he had a heart attack.  Since, he has written permission from the doctor to return to work as tolerated.
  • Clean Up Days was a success and a lot of hard work.
  • The Grasshopper is cutting the mowing time in half.
  • He made some improvement to the park:
    • Turkey Grit laid:
      • Around pavilion
      • Around bleachers
      • Around dugouts
    • Mulch placed around the trees at the park
  • CCR complete, and approved by the EPA
  • New tires on the truck



Village President Bart Dann reported the following:

  • Bart received a complaint regarding a North White Oak address and a Plum Grove address. The property owners are the Wallace’s and the Gray’s.  Bart stated he was going to go around town the following week and advise several homeowners of the ordinance violations.  He will add these two addresses to his list.
  • Mayor of Villa Grove, Cassandra Gunter, and School Board President, Jim Clark, both contact President Dann regarding a School Resource Officer. The School Board is NOT interested in paying for this position.  The City of Villa Grove wanted to know if the Village would even entertain the idea.  They asked Bart to open the floor for discussion only: to gather interest, ideas, questions and concerns.  Per State Law: Police Officers and Retired Police Officers are the only armed people allowed to carry in a school.  Bart reminded the Board several times we are only discussing this issue at this time.  Concerns included who the officer would be an employee of, who is liable for this person, and how the transfer of funds would occur.  Tim suggested that IF this issue were to move forward, that we take the percentage of Camargo students that attend VG Schools, and the Village only pay that percentage of the officer’s salary.  Shirley insisted that the salary of a School Resource Officer being paid by Camargo Tax dollars would be illegal.  Bart repeated again that this topic is only open for discussion at this time.  Due to the issues of legality, the topic was tabled until Bart could gain a better perspective on the matters.


With no further business to come before the Board, Village President Bart Dann called for adjournment at 8:23 pm.


Salisa Dann

Village Clerk