September 2021

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

Monday, September 13, 2021

7:00 pm


The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on Monday, September 13, 2021 at the Camargo Community Building.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Village President Bart Dann.  Roll call found the following trustees present: Nancy George, Jim Hardway (via Facetime), Jim Lansford, Jeane Brieland, Laura Miller, and Gary Gilpin.  Village Treasurer Shirley Badman was present, and Village Superintendent Doug Raymer was present.



Josh Drake, Loman Ray Insurance:  Josh attended the meeting to present the Board with some information regarding new municipal insurance.  Mr. Drake came this evening just introduce himself and to hand out his information.  He will attend the October meeting and will have numbers to present at that time.

Melissa Valentine, Homeschool Teacher, Melissa was present along with Britta Sertes.  Both parents are homeschool moms that are seeking a place to use one day a week for their homeschool coop.  This particular group of parents share the teaching responsibilities, and there are approximately six families in this coop.  Currently they are seeking a location to use on Tuesdays from 9a – 2p.  They provide lunch and a snack, and they have a recess.  They currently do not have any insurance coverage, because they are not a business or a school.  They are a group of non-working parents that are homeschooling their children.  They would like to begin using the building as soon as the weather turns cold.  They are currently meeting at the park in the pavilion.  They offered to pay $5 per week per family.  Melissa and Britta said they would check with their coop to see if their days could be flexible.  President Dann was worried about Erba being upstairs on Tuesdays, and the two schools sharing the playground.  Erba’s playground is off limits to the public during school days.  Erba does not have students on Mondays.  Therefore, if this coop could meet on Mondays, it would make things a little smoother.  The Board made a proposal that this group would pay $50 per week.  Bart stated he would call Dennis and make sure there wouldn’t be an issue with Erba if we rented the basement while they were upstairs.  The Board also stated we would need a contract drawn up that the coop would have to agree to.  Melissa and Britta said they would take all of this information back to their coop and would let us know what they decided.



Laura Miller made a motion to accept the minutes, and Nancy George seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.



Nancy George made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, and Jim Lansford second the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.



  1. Treasure’s Pay: Shirley Badman stated she is no longer doing the water billing portion of her duties, and Salisa Dann has completely taken on those responsibilities.  She doesn’t feel it is fair to continue to take that portion of her pay.  Her suggestion was to split the current salary equally down the middle between the two positions.  Jim Lansford made the motion to change the Treasurer’s salary to $4500 per year to be paid out of the General Fund, and to create the Water Clerk’s position and set the salary at $4500 per year to be paid out of the Water Fund.  These changes are to be effective October 01, 2021.  Laura seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.
  2. Ordinance Modifications: Jim and Salisa are working on this project.  They should have a completed ordinance and ordinance violation ticket to present and vote on.  The Board also briefly discussed having an ordinance official.  This would insure that ordinances aren’t duplicated, and would make the paper trail easier to keep track of.
  3. Approval for portable shed for storage of old records: This topic has been tabled.  Gary Gilpin stated he can get some information on ConEx West (enclosed shipping containers).  They are a fraction of the cost.
  4. ARPA Payment 1 Received: $30,383.53 was received.  Nancy made a motion that the 1st installment of the ARPA to be deposited into the Water Fund but to be tracked separately.  Jim Hardway seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.
  5. Approval of new blinds for the Community Building: Bart said he would call Budget Blinds and get a quote.  He would also call the Blind Man.  Anyone he speaks with he will have them call Doug.



Village Superintendent Doug Raymer reported the following:

  • Read meters
  • Mowing / weed eating
  • Verizon put a new asphalt drive down
  • Hauled brick away from the step repair
  • New tree planted to replace the Opal Thompson tree. It was donated by 4H.  He also landscaped around it.
  • Attachment purchased for the weed-eater. It is hedge trimmer and edges sidewalks.
  • BPT samples done
  • Lead and copper sampled came back good



Village Water Superintendent Kyle Raymer was absent.



Village President Bart Dann reported the following:

  • Verizon will paint the lines next week
  • Metro is done with the fiberoptics
  • We MIGHT be up and running in October. We should get $895 per month.
  • Villa Grove postponed their water meeting.
  • December 4th will be the Christmas Tree Lighting (NO Christmas in Camargo)
  • October 31st – Trick or treat 5p-7p – Board decided to wait. We would like to coincide our trick or treat hours with both church’s events.
  • Baseball fence was taken down for the winter. There are 5 panels that need to be replaced.  $345 total + tax + FREE shipping.  The Board was okay with ordering the replacements.
  • Several times there have been issues with not being able to order things online when needed. Someone has to order and then be reimbursed.  Bart asked the Board if they would be okay with the Village getting a credit/debit card.  Shirley said she would contact UMB Visa to see what needs to be done to get an account arranged.
  • Jeane would like to continue the tradition of the Glow Cart Parade and wondered about another movie night. If we moved it to outside, we wouldn’t have the COVID concerns. Bart suggested we check the Illini schedule and schedule something when there is NOT a home game.  He also stated that VG Homecoming is September 24th, the Hill Climb is the 1st weekend of October, and Covered Bridge is the 2nd weekend in October.
  • Fireworks and the Village Birthday Celebration has been cancelled for 2021. Hopefully, we can schedule something next year.


With no further business to come before the Board, Village President Bart Dann called for adjournment at 8:41 pm.


Salisa Dann

Village Clerk