April 2019

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

Monday, April 08, 2019

7:00 pm


The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on April 08, 2019 at the Camargo Community Building.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Village President Bart Dann.  Roll call found the following trustees present: Nancy George, Jeane Brieland, Laura Miller and Gary Gilpin.  Village Superintendent Doug Raymer and Treasurer Shirley Badman were also in attendance.



Ashley Kielhorn – Ashley moved to Camargo and is interested in working with the Board and on the Woolly Worm Festival Committee.

Dan Cowman – Dan and his family moved from their previous residence on Orchard to a new residence on Main Street.  The SE corner of his lot used to be a driveway.  He would like to make that a driveway again.  He is asking permission to install the driveway and to be able to drive over the sidewalk there.  Due to the safety of his family and other drivers entering and exiting Main Street, it was suggested that they keep their driveway between the flag markers that have been placed in their yard.  Doug Raymer also stated that there has been new drainage installed there that was not previously there when there was a driveway before.  Dan stated he would move it pas the clean outs.  Bart and the Board granted him permission to move forward with his driveway.

Jay Shuckles – Jay moved to his residence on Nightingale.  He would like to have a fence installed.  Bart explained that he already spoke with Mr. Shuckles’s wife and explained to her that there are no HOA’s in Plum Grove.  He can install whatever kind of fence he would like.  Shirley stated she spoke with Mr. Shuckles himself and explained the same thing as well.



Bart stated his concern for leaving Pam’s seat open until the next election.  He knows that vacation time is coming up, Jim Hardway has some personal things he is dealing with, and has general concerns about not having a quorum to vote on necessary things.  He had already spoken with Pam about staying on the Board through the summer months.  He would like the Board’s recommendation to assign her back to her seat.

Jeane Thompson made a motion to appoint Pam Sigler to the open 2 year unexpired position.  Nancy George seconded the motion, and the motion passes unanimously.



Jim Crane, the Douglas County Engineer, was present with the Motor Fuel Tax paperwork.  While in attendance, he opted to explain that we can ONLY appropriate what we have.  We are allowed to bond in order to do the streets.  If we seal a road (like Main Street for example), it can stop the deterioration.  He will get some estimates for us for the next board meeting.  Unfortunately, there are no options right now for road grants.

$4153.67 in unobligated funds and $83.00 in engineering fees will go back in the account.



Nancy George requested that the minutes be more descriptive.  As an example, when someone stated at a previous meeting that we order signs from “Vernon” she does not know who “Vernon” is.  Salisa explained that she would try to get better details for those moments.

Laura made a motion to accept the minutes, and Gary Gilpin seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.



Laura Miller made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, and Gary Gilpin seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Shirley Badman, Village Treasurer, stated she received the audit back from Russell Leigh’s office.  She provided everyone with an audit summary and the audit report (see audit summary attached).

Pam Sigler made a motion to accept the Audit Report, and Nancy George seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Nancy stated she had a question regarding the audit.  She wondered if someone professional performed our audit and if it was a regular yearly thing or something we just did whenever.  Shirley explained that Russell Leigh and Associates is a professional CPA company, and in fact, they also perform the school’s audits.  Nancy also wanted to know if they ever come to the meetings and explain to the board what things they may have found and / or what changes need to be made.  Pam explained to the Board that they used to do that.  Shirley advised that this company will do that if we wish.  However, it is more expensive.  That is why she provides everyone with a summary as well as the entire report.



Gary Gilpin made a motion to move to Executive Session for personnel reasons at 8pm.  Laura Miller seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.

Jeane Brieland made a motion to move out of Executive Session at 8:28pm, and Nancy George seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.



  1. Ambulance Contract – Bart attended a meeting the Township and The City of Villa Grove regarding the contract for the ambulance service. There were a handful of calls that were listed at belonging to the Township that actually should have been charged to the Village and some calls that were charged to the Village that should have been charged to the Township.  Bart asked what would happen if the Village refused to sign the contract.  The ambulance service stated that we would have to wait for ambulance service from another company (coming from Charleston, Mattoon, Champaign, etc.).  These numbers are only preliminary until the next meeting.  At the next Board meeting we will have a contact that has solid numbers on it.  All voting for the new contract was tabled until the May board meeting.
  2. CCR – Rick was present to give the CCR to Salisa for publishing. Everything reported was good.  Salisa will post the report to the website and place the necessary and State mandated notifications everywhere that is required.




  1. Drainage Issues: These items are tabled until Doug receives the estimates and bids from Myron Little and Don Koberlein.
  2. Rick’s retirement: Rick wants to be completely done by November.  With Kyle’s good testing scores, if we make him full-time sooner, Rick can be completely retired.  Pam made a motion to hire Kyle at $17 per hour starting until he is fully certified to begin.  Once he is completely certified, we bump him up to $19 per hour.  His full-time status will begin once he gives proper notice to his current employer.  The Village will pay 100% of his health benefits cost through LGHP, and he is entitled to a $25 phone allowance.  The Village will also provide a vehicle for him transportation for Village purposes.  Paid leave absences will follow policy and procedures.  Laura Miller seconded the motion, and the Board passed the motion unanimously.



Village Superintendent Doug Raymer reported the following:

  • Continuous drainage issues (as mentioned above)
  • Water meters were read and pulled the winter marking flags
  • Truck was tested
  • Vacuum was purchased for the Community Building
  • Nancy George’s drainage ditch was cleaned out. Part of that area is eroded and needs fixed after it dries out.
  • Left over salt was placed in storage
  • Tree on River Rd fell over onto Chester Davis’s property. They cut it up and removed it.
  • Street gutters were cleaned out
  • Haines Park was fixed where the ruts were placed
  • Shorty Lewis had a broken tile on his property. It was full of tree roots.
  • Copper Sulphate dissolves the tree roots. They are going to purchase a $50 pail for $340.00.
  • Myron Little will place a bid for trenching. He has a grater for sale for $500.  It will hook up to our Kubota.  The grater can be used at Haines Park, Field Street, the park, and Elevator Road.  Those are all grated.  Laura Miller made a motion to purchase the grater for $500.  Gary Gilpin seconded the motion, and the motion passes unanimously.  This is to be paid out of the General Fund.



Village President Bart Dann reported the following:

  • Roads – He is seeking estimates for oil and chipping the roads.
  • Micro-surfacing – ½ mile = $55,000.00 (Main Street)
  • Looking into a Municipality loan for Main Street
  • Bart will call Legacy to see if they would be willing to share the cost of repairing Vine Street.
  • Damage to Haines Park – the check was never received. Bart contacted the mom again and advised we were still waiting on payment.  She thought the truck driver was going to pay for it.  She said a check would be mailed.
  • Owen Piercy moved his truck. We are still waiting on the NO OVERNIGHT PARKING signs.
  • Vehicle ordinances are going out in May.
  • Park clean up is scheduled for Saturday from 9-11. Jeane said she would make a post on Facebook.
  • Ameren will call Doug next week regarding a new thermostat and lighting.
  • Zeb’s Masonry (Homer) will come look at the steps give an estimate to fix them this week.


With no further business to come before the Board, Village President Bart Dann called for adjournment at 9:08 pm.


Salisa Dann

Village Clerk