April 2023

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

Monday, April 10, 2023


The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on Monday, April 10, 2023 at the Camargo Community Building.  The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm by Village President Bart Dann.  Roll call found the following trustees present: Nancy George, Jim Lansford, Jim Hardway, Jeane Breiland and Gary Gilpin.  Village Superintendent Doug Raymer, Village Water Superintendent Kyle Raymer, and Village Treasurer Shirley Badman were present as well.




Shelley Powell:  Ms. Powell was present regarding ordinance violations she received.  Ms. Powell reported that she received four citations and some of them had already been addressed:

  1. Trash – has been removed
  2. Van – has been cleaned and is ready to be moved
  3. Ford Explorer – it is drivable, but not licensed (license expired)
  4. Black Four Runner – not drivable and needs parts

At this time Shelley owes back taxes and can’t afford to pay the fines that were received for the citations.  Shelley owes $1000 in ordinance violation citations.


Mr. Lansford asked Ms. Powell how long would it take to complete the list?  Ms. Powell stated that one week is not enough time to have the vehicles removed and/or repaired.  She said that within two weeks the one vehicle could be licensed, and then she can remove it from Camargo.


Jeane Breiland stated we should offer some “grace” and allow some leniency in the fees.  The Board discussed this and decided that the leniency would be discussed further after the citations were resolved.


Village President Bart Dann and the Board decided she would have an additional two weeks to complete the list.  If all the citations were taken care of at that time, the fines would then be negotiated.  If the citations were not taken care of, the fines would remain due in full.


Jay Sheckles, Camargo Fire Department:  Mr. Sheckles was present to inform the Board of the upcoming training the Fire Department is doing as well as notifying us of their annual raffle to benefit the fire department.


Gage Bailey: Mr. Bailey was present to discuss the ongoing issues with the ordinance violations he received.  President Dann was informed that Bailey’s blue truck had no license plates on it.  The plates were there and he removed them.  However, now there are plates on the red truck.  Mr. Bailey stated he removed the bumper from the blue truck, and that is why the plates are not on it.  Bart stated that he was done dealing with these complaints, and he had already contacted the Sheriff’s Office.  They had made arrangements to arrive at Bailey’s residence and check the vehicles to see if they were compliant with our ordinances.  Mr. Bailey also stated that he asked to see the complaints that President Dann was receiving, and he still hasn’t received them.  He further stated that none of the vehicles on his property have been licensed until now.  Mr. Bailey continued to be belligerent and vulgar, and several times President Dann asked him to watch his language.  In fact. Mr. Dann informed Mr. Bailey that if he swore one more time he was going to ask him to leave.  President Dann stated he was done dealing with all the drama and complaints he was receiving regarding Mr. Bailey and his property.  He would deal with it once the Sheriff’s Office arrived.  Mr. Bailey stated he wished the Village and the Sheriff’s Office would try to remove the vehicles off his property.  President Dann replied that his wish might come true tomorrow (that is the date previously scheduled for the Sheriff’s Office to meet at Bailey’s residence).  Mr. Lansford asked Bailey if he had anything further to add to this topic, and if not, we were moving on with our meeting.  Mr. Bailey was free to leave or stay throughout the meeting, but we were done with this conversation.  Mr. Bailey and Mr. Loewenstein left.  (John Loewenstein was present with Mr. Bailey.  He had nothing to state.)




Jim Lansford made a motion to accept the consent agenda.  Jim Hardway seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.






  1.  Discussion and Possible Vote for Purchase of Generator:

The community building does not have a backup generator, and this facility is a storm shelter.  Village employees, Doug and Kyle, are not looking for a permanent fixture.  The one they are looking at is on wheels, and it will only power the necessities.  They are waiting to get more pricing.  The Board agreed to table this topic for next month’s meeting.


  1. Discussion and Possible Vote for IML Valuation on Bank Property:

There was discussion regarding the replacement value for IML coverage on the new Village Hall property.  Nancy George made a motion to set the IML Functional Replacement Costs at $175,00.00.  Jim Hardway seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.




  1. Village Hall Updates:
  1. 7 floor joists need replaced
  2. New subflooring will be installed AFTER the joist work is complete
  3. New sill plate is needed for the southwest corner
  4. The concrete from the decorative wall is blocking the downspout. This is causing the water to backflow and this is why the floor joist and sill plate need to be replaced. The plan is to remove a small section of the concrete to allow the water to flow away from the building.
  5. Removed the wiring from where the counter stood.


  1. T-Mobile Tower Updates:

A JULIE request came in, and environmental testing has been scheduled.  They are moving forward.


  1. Elevator Updates:

The elevator has been sold to a company in St. Louis. They are moving the elevators to a new location.  They will be scrapping the maintenance shed.  For now, the concrete silos will stay intact.  Everything metal will be gone.


  1. Garage Sale Days:

May 19 and May 20 (same as Villa Grove)  This is two weeks prior to Village Clean Up Days.




Village Superintendent Doug Raymer reported the following:


  • More work completed at the new Village Hall (see updated information above)
  • Read meters
  • Burnt brush pile
  • Brought in 3 loads of compost
  • Ball fence put up
  • Lime work done on the ball field
  • New bases put out
  • Lights need fixed on the 1 ton prior to testing
  • Went to the DMV, the new plates were free (were advised to change the lights prior to testing)
  • Fire extinguishers are all up to date
  • IL American Water wanted to know how many hydrants we have (42)
  • Mowing has begun




Village Water Superintendent Kyle Raymer reported the following:


  • Lead and Copper Inventory is being completed (a new document was sent by the EPA)
  • We received it March 20, and it is due April 15
  • We have NO lead lines



Village President Bart Dann reported the following:


President Dann has continued to deal with Mr. Bailey.  He called the Sheriff’s Office and is scheduled to meet with them tomorrow at Mr. Bailey’s residence.  Bart will call 3C’s regarding the towing /  removal of vehicles.  The landlord (Jason Elder) has given verbal permission for the Village to do whatever is necessary to clean up the property.  Mr. Elder does not wish to receive citations as the property owner.


IL American Water met with Bart.  We are currently paying 3/10 of a cent per gallon of water.  We used one million gallons last month.  A ROUGH ESTIMATE states the bill will increase about 2 ½ times.  Just to break even, the Village would have to be at 6.28 per 1000 gallons.  Fees will be increased in September or October.  Our meter costs us $165 / month plus 5% in taxes and ICC fees.  Rural Water is more expensive than IL American Water.  With IL American Water, there are no hook-up fees.  They (IL American Water) are hoping to have a soft proposal to the Village by May.  At that time we can begin the bidding process.  The Fire Department will have to have a meter, the Community Building will have to have a meter, and the new Village Hall will have to have a meter.  IL American Water gives NO one free water.  (These three locations are not receiving water bills at this time.)  The Verizon contract will have to be switched over to IL American Water.  However, IL American Water will build the sale of those revenues into their contract with us.


Bart asked Ginger to do a deep cleaning before all the summer rentals began.


The WWF Queens had a successful Easter egg hunt.  They put out approximately 1500 eggs.


We need to survey the new park property additions.  There is a basin out there, and it is backed up.  The water backed up into Hauversburk’s yard during the last rain storm.  It should be noted that we received 2 ½ inches of rain that day.  Her septic tank is on our property, and her garage is on our alley.  She mentioned to Bart, Doug, and Kyle that she is replacing her septic tank.  They informed her that if she does, she will need to move it.  Where it is currently sitting, they will not allow it to be placed back on park property.  The survey request will be added to next month’s agenda.




With no further action to come before the Board, Village President Bart Dann called for adjournment at 7:29 pm.