August 2019

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

Monday, August 12, 2019

7:00 pm


The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on August 12, 2019 at the Camargo Community Building.  The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm by Village President Bart Dann.  Roll call found the following trustees present: Nancy George, Pam Sigler, Jeane Brieland, Laura Miller and Gary Gilpin.  Village Superintendent Doug Raymer, Water Superintendent Kyle Raymer, and Treasurer Shirley Badman were all in attendance.



Dave Bragg, Mike Pangburn, and Chuck Dorsett, on behalf of Camargo Fire Department:  Doug Raymer began the conversation by stating the tap for water main with the valve will be $1725.  We can’t do a 4” tap.  IL Meter estimated a pipe and meter at $4829.55.  Per President Dann, we can’t go bigger than a 4” pipe.  The engineer said not to do a 6” line.  The water will get stagnant and pull pressure from Lakewood Estates.

Doug stated they would need a boring permit from the State of IL to go under the road.  He does not have an estimate for the bore.  However, he will give all estimates he gathered to Chuck Dorsett.  Doug stated that he does not want to make this a main extension.  Once you decide to extend the main, you have to get the EPA involved, inspections, engineers, etc.  You would be looking at approximately $10,000.

Chuck stated their new address was already given to them from Douglas County Emergency Management:  1021 N Route 130, Camargo.

Nancy George made a motion for the Village to cover the cost of the tap for the Fire Department.  Pam Sigler seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.

Chuck stated that if the Board waives the building permit fee, that would also be greatly appreciated.  However, they do not want to cut the fees from the building inspector.  They are more than happy to pay his portion of the fees.



Laura Miller made a motion to accept the Regular Session minutes from July.  Nancy George seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Salisa Dann stated there was an error on the original emailed copy of the Special Session Minutes.  She corrected the date, but did not re-email the minutes.  Laura also made a motion to accept the Special Session minutes from August – with the changes Salisa discussed.  Nancy seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.



Shirley Badman requested an inter-fund loan from the General Fund to the Motor Fuel Fund in the amount of $500.  Nancy made a motion to grant an inter-fund loan from the General Fund to the Motor Fuel Fund for the requested amount of $500.  Laura seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.


Nancy also made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Pam Sigler seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.







Village Superintendent Doug Raymer reported the following:

  • New tap at Patterson Springs
    • 2 more taps coming
  • Did a tap at Patterson Springs and the owner just sold the house. They returned the deposit.
  • Wayne Beck reported a water leak
  • Jesse White needed his meter raised
  • Solar lights installed:
    • The park pavilion
    • The Camargo sign
    • The flag pole at the Community Building
    • The maintenance shop (replaced with LED)
  • Fixed a tile sink hole on Vine Street
  • JULIE’d two (2) digs – JULIE came out and missed a phone line. They hit the line, and called JULIE.  They came out and claimed responsibility for the line.
  • Bob Gabbard is having an issue with racoons. He would like to set some live traps down by the creek.  The Board advised him to contact DNR and follow their instruction on moving forward.
  • Spraying for weeds
  • Brush cutting
  • Met with the fire marshal
  • Curtains were all sprayed with fire retardant and are ready for school
  • Seeded Shorty Lewis’s yard where they fixed the drainage
  • Mulched at the park
  • Patchwork at the park
  • Seeded around the Head Start fence
  • Shop was leaking – fixed the holes
  • The plan is to repaint the shed soon
  • Price (is buying Naive’s property) has questions regarding a water tap on his property, and the possibility of bringing an additional trailer in



Village President Bart Dann reported the following:

  • Ordinance Violations:
    • S Vine – Going to the attorney
    • Main – They have until Wednesday and then an ordinance is being mailed
    • N White Oak – Bart will call the landowner
  • Frank Miller contacted Bart regarding an Inter-Governmental Agreement for road work. They can do some patch work on the roads.  The Village will have to pay for the emulsion and rock, and they can do the work.  However, they are not responsible for any accidents that may occur due to the road work.
  • Dyke’s donation purchased a new bench for the park. The bench has been delivered and landscaped.
  • Bart with Jacki Athey (Villa Grove Clerk) regarding the water rates. They are doing a rate study.  Bart would like to look into a 5 year agreement for water rates – locking the rates in.
  • Bart has received several complaints about diesel trucks driving erratically down Main Street and South White Oak. Bart spoke with the homeowner.  It was a couple of his buddies.  He assured Bart he would speak with them and ask them to stop.
  • Water issue on Neal Street resolved itself. The pipe has been buried, and the road is dry.
  • Bart would like to build the new stage the second weekend in September. Doug and Kyle have ordered the building supplies.
  • Brad Drew contact Doug, and he will be out this week to get the fallen trees on River Rd.
  • A compost pile has been started at the dump site. Doug asked if Salisa could share the information on the next newsletter.


With no further business to come before the Board, Village President Bart Dann called for adjournment at 8:08 pm.


Salisa Dann

Village Clerk