June 2023

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

Monday, June 12, 2023



The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on Monday, June 12, 2023.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Village President Bart Dann.  Roll call found the following trustees present:  Nancy George, Jim Lansford, Jim Hardway, and Gary Gilpin.  Village Water Superintendent Kyle Raymer, Village Superintendent Doug Raymer, and Treasurer Shirley Badman were also present.




Tim Wegeng:  Tim has received several building permits, and was there turning those in.  He was also at the courthouse, and he verified that the taxes will not be waived for the portion of the new property that is being leased to T-Mobile.  We cannot lease Village property for profit and not have taxes assessed on that portion of the property.


Tim has also had several requests for solar panel permits and solar panel guidelines.  The Village is not going to govern each solar panel; nor are they going to tell each homeowner what they are/are not allowed to do on their property.  As of right now, solar panels do not require a permit.  Tim did state, however, that an accessory building must be no less than 5’ from the property line.  The Village can make a special ordinance for solar panels.


He has also been dealing with several issues regarding a fence between property owners.  He wanted to clarify that you CAN put your fence on the property line. One of the homeowners asked if there was a reason there aren’t setbacks that are set in stone?  Again, the Village doesn’t want to govern each property owner’s property.  The Board discussed it, and they are leaving it alone.


Jim Crane, Douglas County Engineer:  Mr. Crane is present to discuss the motor fuel tax for this year.  He believes we have $11,000 that has to be spent this year or it’s gone.  The grand total for the Main Street Project will be $145,989.33, which includes: resurfacing Main Street, making each sidewalk on Main Street ADA compliant, and oil and chipping River Road.  He needs to know how we are going to pay for it.  The Village discussed using the remainder of last year’s MFT funds ($55,000), ARPA funds ($35,000), Savings ($19,000), and General Operating ($37,000).  The Board discussed using the savings and the general operating and reimbursing that money with the property tax money that hasn’t come in yet.  That total should be approximately $70,000.


Jim Hardway made a motion to go ahead with the Main Street Project using the following calculations:


Unused MFT: $55,000

ARPA:  $35,000

General Fund Savings:  $19,000

General Operating:  $37,000 (plus whatever might be left over)


The motion was seconded by Nancy George, and the motion carried unanimously.


Jim Crane stated he would prepare the paperwork as stated above and would meet with President Dann and Clerk Dann and have them sign and seal the documents.  He also asked Shirley to please complete the appropriation for the MFT funds for the 2022 fiscal year.




Nancy George made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda.  Jim Lansford seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.




Discussion and Possible Vote of Flags and Flag Poles for Main Street:

Christmas lights are too expensive.  Doug Raymer had the idea to hang flag poles and swap out flags for each holiday / season.  Bart found flags and flag poles for $25 each on Amazon.  They are 6’ poles that hang at 13’.  We are estimating that we have 16 poles.  Gary Gilpin made a motion to purchase the 16 flags and flag poles.  Nancy George seconded the motion, and the motion passed.


Discussion and Possible Vote of Cost of Living Increase for City Employees:

The cost of living increase is $1.00 per hour per employee.  Gary Gilpin made a motion to increase the cost of living for City Employees by $1.00 per hour effective July 01.  Jim Hardway seconded the motion, and the motion passsed unanimously.


Discussion and Possible Vote of Electrical Bid for Community Building Generator:

This electrical work is in preparation for the generator installation.  The Village received two bids:


Douglas Electric – 200 amp – 10 circuits – $1059.57

Frost Electric – 200 amp – 30 circuits – $1870.00


Nancy George made a motion to to accept the Frost Electic bid in the amount of $1870.00.  This would allow more options for future use and in anticipation of the generator.  Jim Lansford seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.




Village Hall Updates:  6 out of the 7 joists are replaced.  Doug will begin drywalling as soon as the 7th joist is complete and the sub flooring is replaced.


T-Mobile Tower Updates and Possible Final Approval of Drawings:  Final approval drawings are not complete.  We will have a special meeting once we get those back.



Village Supertindent Doug Raymer reported the following:


  • Mowing / weed eating
  • Got the bush hog stuck in the mud – 3C’s pulled it out
  • Prepped the ball field for games
  • JULIE locates
  • Clean up days
    • 11 dumpsters
    • $400 from TVs
  • VG had a water main break – no boil order was necessary
  • New flag pole installed at the new Village Hall
  • Fixed the concrete issue at the new Village Hall
  • Floor joists and dry wall work at the Village Hall
  • Shed removed from the new park property – Jack Thompson removed the brick flooring



Water Superintendent Kyle Raymer reported the following:


  • Rate study started May 30. No word back yet.  They are meeting this week.
  • Samples came back good.
  • Kyle’s water license is renewed through 2026
  • New meters ordered.



Village President Bart Dann reported the following:


  • The Village made a profit of $150 from the concession stand this year.
  • Per Weemer of IL American Water:
    • They can’t keep up with our level of customer service.
    • IL American Water will make more money off of Camargo if we don’t sell them water than if they purchase it.
      • Jim Lansford and Shirley Badman would still like for Mr. Weemer to attend the next board meeting. They do not understand why he won’t entertain offering us a proposal for the purchase of the Village’s Water Department.  They also have questions for him.
    • Jim Lansford, Gary Gilpin, and Bart Dann are going to meet regarding Park Rules and Regulations (camping vs living)
    • The park property will be surveyed tomorrow
    • Humphrey’s property is being cleaned up. He is showing great progress.
    • Bart will talk to Jerry Conner about the trailer on Issacher.
    • Regarding the annexation: The Village would lose $20,000 in water revenue, because they are at the higher base rate.  Tim Wegeng stated he would work on the tax end of this project and see if it would be beneficial to the Village to incorporate them into Village limits.
    • There have been several complaints about speeders on Plum Grove. The neighbors suspect these are parents that are dropping off / picking up their children from daycare.  A few homeowners asked about having some extra police presence during these times.  Bart stated he would have a conversation with the daycare provider.
    • There have been many questions regarding the new Village Hall sign and when the old one will be removed. Salisa Dann stated she would come up with a design for approval for the next meeting.  Bart has the contact information for the printing company.


With no further business or action to come before the Board, Village President Bart Dann called for adjournment at 8:09 pm.