March 2017

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

March 13, 2017

The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on March 13, 2017 at the Camargo Community Building. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Village President Richard Billingsley. Roll call found the following trustees present: Gary Gilpin, Rodney Farris, Laura Miller, Pam Sigler, and Jim Hardway. Village Treasurer Shirley Badman was present; Water Superintendent Rick Kielhorn was unable to attend.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES – On a motion by Jim and seconded by Rodney, the minutes were passed unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT – On a motion by Laura, seconded by Gary, the Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.


  1. Website
  • Salisa updated the website and asked that the Board review it and give any and all suggestions for further improvements.


  1. Head Start Playground
    • Originally, Head Start (HS) was going to use our current and existing playground. Kevin has been out and noticed that our playground equipment is too high for the children. He suggested that HS look at two other options to place their new playground. Option 1 was to utilize the tennis courts and basketball court. Option 2 was to build a new playground in the grassy area directly behind the community building. HS decided to install a new playground (at their expense). The new area will be 70’ x 50’ with chain link fence around it and double utility gates so we can mow. This area will include a 20’ x 25’ concrete pad for their tricycles, an area that will be grassy, and an area that will be mulched. The chained playground area will be accessible to the public. This playground was recommended to the Board for approval.

Pam made a motion to accept Kevin’s recommendation for the HS playground…following Option 2 as mentioned above and at the expense of HS. Jim seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously to have HS move forward with the playground.

  1. Front Steps and Entry
  • Kevin would like to update and fix the steps and entry way into the Community Building. He had a bid placed by Randy Frick to remove the existing concrete pad that is broken and uneven and replace it with gravel. The area between the steps and the “columns” will be filled in and the steps will be refinished. The bid was placed at $2400.

Jim mad a motion to accept the bid and just have the work completed. Rodney seconded the motion, and the Board voted unanimously to get the entry way and steps repaired.

  1. Jim was approached by Chuck Dorsett for a definition clarification regarding the sidewalk and the easement. His issue is that the State repaired the street a few years prior and now there is a “hole” between the street gutter and his driveway. He asked Rick if he could put some cold patch on it the next time they were out with some. Rick refused to do so stating this was his private drive. The area in question technically belongs to the Village, but the homeowner maintains the property (mowing, snow removal, landscaping, etc.) Chuck stated that if the Village can’t fix it for him, he will just mulch in the entire easement since he is responsible for maintaining it. Thus resulting in the Methodist Church not have a place to park on the side of the street. Kevin stated that since the street repair was not Chuck’s doing, and the end result was not related to anything Chuck had done or not done, the Village will throw some cold patch into the divot and repair the easement. Kevin will speak with Doug and have him do this sometime this week.
  1. Laura stated that Melissa Burton report to her that her sidewalk by her house is broken, and her children frequently ride their bicycles down it. Kevin also stated he would have Doug throw some patch onto the sidewalk this week as well.


  • Broken tiles on Rt 36 were fixed (not by the Village)
  • Some telephone poles were replaced this week – resulting in broken tiles. Those were replaced.
  • Fixed a water leak on N White Oak
  • New Water Customer
  • Flushed hydrants


Kevin stated he would like for Bart Dann to take the vacant seat that belonged to Terri Miller. Laura made a motion to appoint Bart to the vacant seat, and Pam seconded it. The Board voted unanimously to appoint Bart Dann to the Village Board as Trustee. Kevin followed up with swearing him in.


Billingsley reported the following:

  • Kevin spoke with Judi Pollock regarding voting at the Community Building. There was a misunderstanding, and voting is back on! Since that conversation, Shirley received in the mail a lease and rental check.
  • There were tiles repaired.
  • 4H is going to paint the front “columns” on each side of the steps, coat the wheelchair ramp, and plant a tree.
  • Kevin spoke with HS regarding the playground.

With no further business to come before the Board, Village President Richard Billingsley called for adjournment at 7:46 pm.

Salisa Dann

Village Clerk