March 2018

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

Monday, March 12, 2018

7:00 pm


The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on March 12, 2018 at the Camargo Community Building.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Village President Bart Dann.  Roll call found the following trustees present: Scott Tague, Jim Hardway, Pam Sigler, Jeane Brieland, Laura Miller and Gary Gilpin.  Village Treasurer, Shirley Badman and Water Superintendent Rick Kielhorn were both in attendance.



Head Start:

Playground:  Concrete pad needs back-filled with dirt.  Fence is down for the convenience of the construction crew.  Grass needs rolled, and there is a small space that needs pea gravel.  The playground equipment is ready for install once the shed is moved over and the landscaping is complete.  April 1st is when the new fiscal year grant money comes in.  President Dann stressed his concern that the playground needs to be completed prior to the Woolly Worm Festival in October.  Head Start also stated the extra fence that was donated will be removed once everything is in place.

Office:  The door to the closet is constantly being blocked and access to the closet is not possible for Village employees.  Denise stated it is only like that when the building is rented.  The Village would like to negotiate a path from the Village desk all the way over to and including the entrance of the closet (approximately a 3’ path).  Head Start stated that would not be an issue and they would make that happen.

Requests:  The classroom is hot and other than using box fans which are not safe for children, there is no option to get the air to move.  They would like for the Village to change out the current lights and install something that includes ceiling fans.  A separate switch or installation would incur costs to include an electrician.

Election Day:  The County Clerks Office will have a representative here on Monday, March 19 to set up for election day (the following day).  There will be no school on Tuesday, March 20 for election procedures.  The Clerks Office will return on the 21st to pick up the election equipment.


Camargo Sign:  It has been mentioned several times in passing that the Welcome to Camargo sign is too small and needs to be above the Villa Grove sign…as we are Camargo.  Villa Grove is repainting signs, and this would be a good time to change out the sign that sits at the corner of Routes 130 and 36 before they repaint it.  Bart said he would call Cassandra and see what we could do.

List of Board Members:  Laura stated the list of the Board Members hanging at the bank is still an old list.  Shirley stated she would hang a new list as she is at the bank several times a week picking up water bills.




Laura Miller made a motion to accept the minutes.  Gary Gilpin seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.



Jim Hardway made a motion to pass the Treasurer’s Report.  Gary Gilpin seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer Badman reported that she received two complaints:

The first complainant was not happy with the letter of notice that was left on the door.  Shirley emailed a response and stated that it was a courtesy that the Water Superintendent does for all patrons that are behind.  She has received no response from that email.

The second complainant had issues with their bill and payments.  Shirley stated she copied a year’s worth of ledger to include invoices and payments.  She mailed all documentation to the customer.  This is the second time she has had to do so.  She has heard nothing from them since.




President Dann contacted Niemeyer’s.  They stated that the 6 months same as cash only saves us $6000.  It is cheaper to pay for the mower in one payment.  Bart’s suggestion is to move Doug Raymer to the Water Fund for 6 months – as he works with the water department as well.  Then pay for the mower outright.

CORRECTION: Clarification and correction regarding the lawnmower.  If the Village went with 6 months same as cash, we would not get the $4000 municipality discount on the winning bid. 

Gary Gilpin made a motion to purchase the mower from Niemeyer for the sale price of $13,995 in one payment.  Jeane Brieland seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.

Jim Hardway made a motion to move Doug Raymer to the Water Fund for 6 months to include payroll and benefits.  Pam Sigler seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.



Concession Stand:

With the park being prepped for ball games and summer use, President Dann would like to purchase a small shed to use for a concession stand.  He is thinking something along the lines of 10’x12’ that is designed specifically for concession stands.  This shed could also be used for Christmas in Camargo as a Santa House.

Pam stated that we have to be careful in what we use as a concession stand.  There are health regulations and we would not have running water out there.  She stated she would contact the Health Department and speak with Hannah Rogers.

Bart also stated he would like to remove the score board and the bike rack.  This location is ideal for the concession stand.  The bike rack could be moved next to the building near the soda machine.  The score board faces the backs of the fans.  Therefore no one can see it and no one uses it.

Jim Hardway has concerns that we will purchase a concession stand and there will not be enough games to justify the shed – even over the course of several years.  Also, something to keep in mind – some extra storage space on the end of the shed for the field maintenance equipment.

Bart stated he would call Mr. Hoffman and get a number of games to be played and practiced in Camargo.  Bart will also check out a few different sheds and see the size difference.  This issue will be tabled for a later date.



  • Rebuild some piping on one of the pumps
  • There was a crack in the seating of a seal of a pump. Rick had to send it to St. Louis.  It will cost about $1500.  This is ½ of what a new pump would cost.
  • Some salting – hoping they are done with that for the season.
  • Sewer pipe on Vine Street had roots growing through it. They fixed it.
  • IRWA Conference – brought some information back for Shirley regarding water billing.
  • 2 shut-offs for non-payment
    • Two customers moved
    • One customer paid and their water is back on
    • The other water customer is still off
  • A cylinder leaked on the backhoe. It was repaired for $142 and works great.
  • The sidewalk removal at the Kern’s property is moving along. They ran out of rock and plan to finish in a couple of days.
  • The truck needs tires. They got bids from Neal Tire.  They are waiting on Jackson’s to get back with them.  The last time they were $100 cheaper and gave us $100 gift card.  They are approximately $1200 for the set of tires:
    • Cooper
    • Yokohama
    • Both 10 ply
  • Pot hole patch was purchased. Rick used the rebate from the insulation to purchase the patch.  There was no out of pocket expense.
  • This year is mulch year for the park. Rhett Burris hauled our mulch the last time.  Rick will reach out to Rhett and see if he would be willing to do it again.  Bart suggested we contact Leaf It To Us for the playground mulch.  Currently we use a company out of Effingham.  He would like to stay local if we can.  Bart said he would call Brad Drew.  Rick stated we spent approximately $2000 in past years.
  • Over the weekend Rick went in to check on the water pumps. As he was running his samples, he found the chlorine levels were off the charts.  The big meter was higher than usual – ½ way to “off the charts.”  He shut the pumps off and opened the hydrant to sample it.  He flushed the hydrants until the chlorine samples were back to normal.  In the mean time (about 5 mins), he received phone calls from water patrons that didn’t have any water pressure.  Once the pipes were flushed and his samples were normal, the water pressure returned.  As of today, the samples remained normal and the chlorine levels were no longer high.






Village President Bart Dann reported the following:

Ted Wegeng:

Ted contact President Dann regarding the dust on Mill and 2nd Street.  His complaint is that when cars drive down one of those streets, the oil and chip is turning to dust.  The vehicles are constantly covered in dust and no one can open their windows.  He asked if we could use the street sweeper and bush the gravel to one side until it is hot, and then move it back over.  Once it is hot enough, the gravel will stick and it won’t be dusty.

CORRECTION:  The Village of Camargo is NOT going to sweep the gravel back onto the road this summer.

He also suggested we use a different standard of gravel along with a different company to get our stock from.  He suggested getting bids from:  Dunns, Walkers, and Neco.  There are different grades of rock.  We should be using C8-16 fine rock limestone that is 3/8”.  The rock we have now is not white.  It is a cream color which he believes is a poorer grade than what we need.  Rick will ask Jim Crane to check on the quality of gravel and company used.

Bart’s suggestion:  Sweep the loose gravel to one side.  Then spread it back out once the oil is hot.  The Board agreed to brush Mill Street from Main to Spring and Vine Street between Mill and 2nd.  Bart will call Jim Crane to follow up on the gravel quality and see if Walker’s needs to repair it.

Clean Up Day – March 17 10 am – 2 pm:

The agenda for the day will be painting the dugouts and chain link fence (where necessary), leaf removal, and outfield fence installed.  The Boy Scouts will be here to assist.  Nancy Simpson will be present with the 4H group to help with the park.  She would like for Tony Hooker to come out and take pictures and put them in the paper.  Salisa said she would contact Tony.

Kids Rock 5K:

Jim Kestner contacted Bart regarding the 5K.  He asked that the Village move the Porta Potty to Myron Little’s property on Main Street.  They will race on March 24th and again in October.

Junk Ordinance / Complaints:

Bart has fielded several complaints regarding junk in yards.  There are no specific “junk” ordinances.  Shirley explained that in the past the ordinance “Proper Storage and Removal of Trash” has been used and can be used again.  Bart will speak with the property owner before any ordinances will be issued.  It he has no luck there, then a citation can be issued and we will move forward.


With no further business to come before the Board, Village President Bart Dann called for adjournment at 8:56 pm.


Salisa Dann

Village Clerk