August 08, 2016

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

August 08, 2016


The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on August 08, 2016 at the Camargo Community Building.  The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Village President Richard Billingsley.  Roll call found the following trustees present:  Terri Miller, Gary Gilpin, Rodney Farris, Paul Davidson, Laura Miller, and Jim Hardway.  Village Treasurer Shirley Badman was present; Water Superintendent Rick Kielhorn was also present.

PUBLIC COMMENTS – Jim Hardway explained to the Board how the Villa Grove Quarterbacks Club was selling ads for the fall sports program at the high school.  The City of Villa Grove purchases an ad wishing all fall athletes good luck, and Jim thought it might be a great way to our new website information out to the public; as well as congratulating and wishing the athletes good luck from Camargo since we have students that reside in Camargo and attend Villa Grove High School.  The ad in question is 1/8 of page and costs $58.

Motion: Jim Hardway              2nd: Laura Miller          Vote: In favor of ad / unanimous

Building Inspector Tim Wegneg was present.  He issued a permit to Owen Tucker in Plum Grove who is building a new home, and Verizon was issued the permit to attach the necessary items to the water tower.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – On a motion by Terri Miller, seconded by Jim Hardway, minutes from the regular meeting of July 13, 2016 were approved unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Shirley noted an additional expenditure of $10.83 that was not reflected on the report.  She was also happy to report that we had 100% compliance on our water policy.  On a motion by Jim Hardway, seconded by Gary Gilpin, the Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.

OLD BUSINESS – No old business to report.

NEW BUSINESS – Shirley provided the Board with the Prevailing Wage Agreement.

Motion: Terri Miller      2nd: Laura Miller          Vote: Approved unanimously


  • Mowing and weeding
  • Boil Order (new signs used)
  • Cold Patch on White Oak
  • New signs installed at Deckard Bridge
  • Replaced and painted signs at Park
  • Dave Naïve lot mowed
  • Illegal dumping at the city burn pile
  • Hydraulics are bleeding off on the inloader – he just wanted the Board to be informed
  • Charged the AC at the shop with Freon
  • Copy / fax / printer is broken // will be purchasing a new one
  • Axel broken on small Kubota // parts ordered
  • Flushing hydrants and taking water samples this week
  • Tires are bald on the service truck – it will approximately $700 to replace // The Board instructed Rick to check into the cost of purchasing a new truck vs leasing a new truck

Laura Miller made a motion to go into Executive Session for Personnel reasons.  It was seconded by Rodney.  Vote:  All in favor at 7:24 pm.   Executive session ended at 7:51 pm.


Billingsley reported the following:

  • Salisa gave a brief update on the website.  It has now gone live and the general public is able to use it.  She asked that the Board and the public please be patient with her.  The ordinances are on the website; however, they are not searchable at this time.  She will be updating those periodically.  A few of the tabs still need correct information added in as well (where to gain water, power, phone, cable, etc.).  Salisa also informed Terri that we could put the rental forms online with a VAGUE calendar for the public to see what dates are available.  She requested the forms NOT be available in that fashion.  She preferred to give it to them in person.
  • Steve Lamb had a complaint regarding the peacocks at Marty Kirkman’s residence.  Attorney Mark Petty had contacted Billingsley about the Zoning Board’s meeting.  Paul Davidson handed the meeting minutes over to Salisa to attach to these minutes regarding that meeting.  The Zoning Board decided to do more research regarding the issue of Mr. Kirkman’s property being zoned agricultural.  At the time of the Village Board meeting; no decision had been made on that matter, and that matter alone.
  • Kevin assisted in the issuance of the Verizon building permit.
  • Met with Tuscola Police Chief Dixon and Douglas County Sheriff Galey regarding the ongoing issue of registration and stickers on vehicles in Camargo.

o   No names and addresses can be released.

o   Registration status CAN be released.

o   Notices CAN and WILL be sent.

  • Met with Douglas County Sheriff Lieutenant Clint Howard regarding the illegal dumping.  They will be filing charges for restitution and will be pursuing this matter through the States Attorney’s Office.  There were four (4) illegal dumpings in all.  The individual responsible has admitted to the Sheriff’s Office of his wrong-doings.
  • Met with the Price family (next door to the Dave Naïve property).  He advised them of the passing of Mr. Naïve and how this would be a good time to purchase the property if the family has no intentions of keeping it.
  • Rodney Farris had questions about the tree trimming at the last meeting.  Kevin looked into that.  Verizon is responsible to notify the town’s people of the tree trimming.  Jim stated that he did receive a notice that they would be trimming; however, it was not mentioned that they would be using a helicopter or when they would be doing this.  Jim also stated he contacted Nelson’s Tree Service, because they did not clean up the hill behind his house.  Nelson’s came out and did a wonderful job of cleaning up the second time.
  • Rick stated the service truck was in need of new tires.  Paul informed the Board that he figured in the truck to replaced approximately every 10 years.  We have had this truck well over the 10 year mark.  Shirley asked how Paul had it budgeted to replace the truck.  He stated he thought it was 50/50 – Water / General Fund.  Rick agreed to get some numbers to compare for the next meeting.
  • Everyone on the Board noticed the Beck property leading into the Village Hall was mowed and looked nice.  After much discussion, Jim admitted to mowing the property.  He wanted to see how much time it would take if the Village took over the mowing of the easement.  It was finally proposed that only because this property leads into Village Hall, that the Village take back responsibility of the yard work for the easement.

Motion: Terri    2nd: Rodney     Vote: All in favor to mow


With no further business to come before the Board at this time, Village President Richard Billingsley called for adjournment.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:19 pm.


Salisa Dann

Village Clerk