July 2022

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

Monday, July 11, 2022

7:00 pm


The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on Monday, July 11, 2022 at the Camargo Community Building.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Village President Bart Dann.  Roll call found the following trustees present: Nancy George, Jim Lansford, Jeane Breiland, and Gary Gilpin.  Village Superintendent Doug Raymer and Village Water Superintendent Kyle Raymer were both present.  Jim Hardway arrived at 7:03 pm.



Brian Wiemers – American Water:  Mr. Wiemers was present to answer any questions the Board may have regarding the purchasing of Villa Grove water.  Mr. Wiemers stated the possession of said water will not happen until the end of September.

The Board was concerned about the water rates increasing once the purchase was final.  Mr. Wiemers explained that the water rates will not change for a minimum of 1 year post purchase.  After that point, the ICC (Illinois Commerce Commission) will determine what the rates shall be set at.

Kyle Raymer asked if there would be any immediate changes.  Mr. Wiemers stated that on day one they (American Water) will be implementing online analyzers.  This will allow American Water to regulate the water 24/7.  They also have a Code Red alert system that will put into place for any water system interruptions.  Communication with Doug and Kyle will improve compared to what they are experiencing currently with Villa Grove.  He also gave Kyle and Doug a series of phone numbers so they would have contact information for American Water.

Whenever American Water purchases a new water system, they are mandated to offer the employees a position within their company.  Villa Grove has enough work for their current employees that no one needed to move to the new company.  However, one office staff member is going with American Water.

Kyle also asked who the owner is of the water meter and pit at the corner of Route 130 and Deer Lake Rd.  Brian Wiemers believes the meter would belong to American Water, and the pit would belong to the Village.  However, he is not certain of this, and he will look into it after he gets back to the office.  Currently, we maintain the pit.  He explained to Kyle that he will find an answer for him and he will call him as soon as he gets it.



Jim Hardway made a motion to accept the consent agenda.  Jeane Breiland seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.  Please note the Treasurer’s report was not available to approve during consent agenda.



  1. Bank Property Recap: The Longview Bank (Camargo Branch) is closing their business and moving to Tuscola.  The bank has already mailed letters to their customers informing them of such.  Bart reached out to the bank president asking what their intentions are with the building.  They have a meeting and will discuss a selling price and get back to Bart with that information.  Jim Lansford has concerns with the purchase.  He stated the location is adequate; however, what would be the costs of any remodeling and what would be the costs of any loss revenue / property taxes?  Salisa Dann made the comment that we would need a new drop box IF the building is not purchased.  The current drop box at the Community Building is not big enough to hold the influx of bills that would be received once the bank closes.  Nancy George is concerned that we currently have issues with funding for things like streets, water department, etc.  How would we fund a new building with upkeep of an additional property?  She would rather see us remodel the community building to make an official office space and/or meeting rooms.  Jim Lansford stated we should see what the bank asks for the property, what needs to be done to the property, and what would need to be done to create an additional office.  The Board agreed that this topic would be tabled until we can gather further information.


  1. Football Ad: Salisa received an email from the Booster Club stating they are selling ads again for the fall sports programs.  Last year we purchased an ad for $96.00.  Jim Hardway and Nancy George both asked what we place on the ad.  Salisa explained that in year’s past we tell the athletes good luck and then state something about renting the community building.  She went on to say we could advertise for the Woolly Worm Festival if we wanted.  Nancy liked the idea of splitting the ad into two.  Nancy George made a motion to purchase a bigger ad for the price of $133.00 with ½ the ad being charged to the Community Building Fund and ½ the ad being charged to the Woolly Worm Festival.  Jim Lansford seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Discussion of Condemned Homes: Bart asked the Board if they knew what the process was for condemning properties.  Jim Hardway said they have done this in the past, but they always went through the attorney.  With the Board’s approval, Bart stated he would contact the attorney’s office and get some information.  We have two, maybe three, properties that need to be taken care of.  He will bring said information to the next meeting.


  1. Ordinance Violations Mailed: Bart reached out to Tim Wegeng to serve our ordinance violations.  Tim stated he was no longer interested in participating in this project.  Bart asked the Board if they would like to re-fill this position or mail the ordinances since that is an option for service.  The ordinance states they must be received (whether mailed or delivered) no later than 10 days prior to a board meeting.  They all agreed that the ordinances could be mailed.  Bart will mail the ordinances in plenty of time for the offenders to comply or defend their properties at the next board meeting.


  1. Community Building: At the last meeting it was discussed that there have been some concerns with the condition of cleanliness at the Community Building.  There was a discussion with the cleaning lady.  She misunderstood what was needing to be done, and the building looks good now.  However, because there has been such a turn-over in Board members since her hire, they would like a “to-do” list created and approved by the Board.  This will make everyone aware of expectations.  Jim Lansford would like a list of duties and responsibilities.  They believe the cleaning lady should be cleaning once a week and then receive extra pay if there is a rental / special event.  Salisa stated she would come up with a list for the board to approve, and then we could meet with the cleaning lady.


  1. Head Start Lease: Salisa retyped the lease with the only changes being the dates the lease goes into effect and the rental prices. There was a typo on the lease that Salisa will correct. Jim Hardway made a motion to accept the lease with the corrections.  Jeane seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Xerox Lease – Now that the Village is printing their own newsletters, the cardstock being used by both the newsletters and the water bills are wearing on our printer. It is leaving ugly marks on regular pieces of paper.  Shirley and Salisa have discussed purchasing an additional printer to ease the growing pains on the current printer.  We also discussed seeing what a lease would cost the Village.  The machines leased at the school (although much bigger) include the cost of wear parts; toner, staples, repairs, etc. The board approved for Salisa to look into the cost of a new printer and comparable lease agreements.  Salisa stated she would bring any information to the next board meeting.


  1. Graduating Class / Building Reservation / Donation: Bart and Jeane discussed the donation of the rental to the graduating class each year.  There would be stipulations; such as every member of the class is invited, there must be adult supervision, etc.  Nancy had some concerns – mainly that there would be responsible adults helping to plan the party.  Someone mentioned that the school should be responsible for the planning.  Salisa explained that this is NOT a school function.  This is a donation of the use of the building.  The Board asked Salisa to get a list of guidelines and bring them to the next board meeting – along with potential dates (last Sunday of May, first Sunday of June, for example).


  1. Illini Land Ice: Several people have mentioned over time what a nice thing it would be to have an ice machine in town.  Salisa contacted Illini Land Ice and received several documents to which she gave each board member.  She asked that they skip past everything and look at the last three pages.  There she stated were the prices to lease / own a free-standing ice machine (like what used to be in Tuscola across from the IGA).  The cheapest machine is a little over $52,000.00, and the most expensive machine is a little over $133,000.00.  These fees are not including recurring costs such as ice bags, cleaning supplies, ties, etc.  With that being said, she advised the Illini Land Ice Rep that the Village had the land if he ever found someone that was looking for the entrepreneurial business opportunity.  The Board agreed.


  1. Approval of the Appropriations Ordinance: Nancy made the motion to accept the Appropriations Ordinance as prepared by Shirley Badman.  Jim Lansford seconded the motion, and the motion passed.


  1. Discussion and Possible Approval of Christmas Decorations: Laura Miller (absent) sent Bart an email with a quote from Street Décor, Inc.  They quoted her a 40’ Mt. Pine Deluxe Forked Snowflake, 6-18”, bows, LED for a cost of $2192.  They also quoted six (6) 5’ Winterfest Forked Snowflakes, LED for a cost of $3402.  The total of this quote is $5994, and the pricing is good until August 31, 2022.  The Board discussed these options, and they feel they should continue looking.  This is only one company, and they would like to see what other companies would offer for something similar.


  1. Set Christmas in Camargo Date: The Board looked at the calendar, and they set Christmas in Camargo for Saturday, December 3.



  1. Recap of Trash Days: We used 9 dumpsters.  There were no issues.  Captain Hook came and removed the dumpsters as soon as they were full and brought empty ones to replace them.  We collected $245 for electronics recycling.  The COM2 (recycles electronics) bill was $518.64.



Village Superintendent Doug Raymer reported the following:

  • Meters read
    • 2 were bad
      • 1 was fixed – a wire was broken
      • 1 was replaced
    • Julie locates completed
    • Brush pile kept down
    • Water leak in Villa Grove
      • Resulted in Villa Grove and Camargo being on a boil order
      • Kyle had to complete new samples after the boil order
    • Clean Up Days
      • Went to Mattoon to pick up boxes from COM2
      • Took full boxes back to COM2 (This saves the Village money by not having COM2 onsite)
    • Patched down River Rd
    • Closed 130 at the Railroad Tracks for Railroad Repairs
      • Frank Miller loaned us some NO TRUCKS signs – trying to keep the semi’s off the city roads
      • Trucks drove down them anyway
      • One took out the stop sign on Vine Street
      • Called Julie before digging to put it back in
      • Sign finally arrived and was able to set it back up
    • Knocked some Verizon dirt piles down by the water tower and seeded them
    • Cody Miller dug out some dirt for a playground at his residence. He donated the dirt to the Village.  Doug used it for low spots at the park.
    • Doug used Cathy to clean the basement after the water leaked by the door. He moved a brick that was not allowing the water to move away from the building.  He then put some silicone where the water was leaking.  The next time it rained, there was no water in the building.
    • Adkission finally came out to look at the roof where it was leaking. He will be here this week to fix it.  It should cost around $1800.00.
    • There are two trees behind the stage that have died. They need to come down, and Doug would like to know if the Board wants to replace those trees or not.  They are behind the stage by the horseshoe pits.  Gary suggested using Leaf It to Us.  They could suggest what type of tree needs to be planted there, and maybe we could get a bigger tree with some type of guarantee that it will not die.  Nancy strongly recommended that Doug find out what caused the trees to die in the first place.



Water Superintendent Kyle Raymer reported the following:

  • Lead and copper samples to be completed tomorrow and delivered to the EPA on Wednesday.
  • This should be the only samples we have to complete for the rest of the year (hopefully)
  • Will read meters next week



Village President Bart Dann reported the following:

  • Bart spoke with Mr. Retter regarding the tile work. He is okay with the work being done.  He just wants to make sure the dirt will be levelled out and grass seed planted once we are done.  Bart assured him we will make sure it gets done.
  • The Board briefly discussed moving the board meetings to 6pm. Everyone was very receptive to the idea.  Salisa will place it on the next agenda – for it go into effect for the September meeting.
  • The Thompson property that sits in front of the park was also mentioned. The board would like to know where we stand on purchasing this property.  Bart asked Salisa to please place it on the next agenda.

With no further business to come before the Board, Village President Bart Dann called for adjournment at 8:50 pm.


Salisa Dann

Village Clerk