March 2023

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Village of Camargo

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Session

Monday, March 13, 2023


The Village Board of the Village of Camargo met in regular session on Monday, March 13, 2023 at the Camargo Community Building.  The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm by Village President Bart Dann.  Roll call found the following trustees present: Jim Lansford (came in at 6:07pm), Jim Hardway, Jeane Breiland and Gary Gilpin.  Village Water Superintendent Kyle Raymer and Village Treasurer Shirley Badman were also present.




Gage Bailey regarding his Village Ordinance Violations:


Mr. Bailey came to the meeting to contest his violations.  Bailey was given a total of six (6) ordinance violations.  He stated several times that all his vehicles were in running order, but needed to be registered or were race cars.  When asked if he could transport the vehicles to his parents’s address in another town, Mr. Bailey replied that he already had “thirteen cars” there and their property was full.  Mr. Bailey also stated that he has a vehicle for every one of his juvenile children.  When offered suggestions to make his vehicles legal or to move them, Mr. Bailey had a comment for every suggestion and was quite argumentative.  President Dann also asked Bailey if he had a dealer’s license or a junk license.  The answer to both questions was no.


Through much discussion, it was determined that the ordinance regarding the Saturn could be disregarded and made null and void.


When asked about the violation regarding his tractor, he stated it was winter and he had nowhere to put it except leave it in the yard.  Mr. Hardway stated that he has a tractor and he leaves it in his garage.  Mr. Bailey argued that his tractor was too big for his garage.  Mr. Hardway conceded that he didn’t care as much for the tractor being out.  This violation is also disregarded and made null and void.


When asked about the red Camargo that he keeps revving, he stated it was a drag car.  He revved it, because he was working on it.  Several neighbors called President Dann to complain about the cars, called the police about the noise, and some even took the matter into their own hands – causing the police and President Dann to show up at their house.  Mr. Hardway tried to explain to Mr. Bailey that the car is street legal, and he can register and insure it.  Then the ordinance wouldn’t happen.  Mr. Bailey just wanted to argue with Mr. Hardway and wouldn’t listen to reason.  Mr. Hardway shared that he could possibly purchase antique plates for this vehicle, and it would be much cheaper.  Mr. Bailey said he would look into it.  It was determined that Mr. Bailey had two (2) weeks to either plate the vehicle or put it in the garage.  This violation was issued a two (2) week extension.


Mr. Bailey was also issued a violation notice for the spare metal in his yard.  He was told to sell it or put it in the garage.  No extension for the violation.


Mr. Lansford asked him about the blue truck parked in his backyard.  Mr. Bailey stated that it should be a non-issue since you can’t see it from the street.  Mr. Lansford told him he can see it from his front yard – which is across the highway from Bailey’s residence.  Mr. Bailey told him that was his (Lansford’s) problem, and he didn’t care.  The Board told him he had two (2) weeks to get it plated and running or moved off the property.  The violation was given a two (2) week extension.


There is also a red truck in the back yard that a violation was issued for.  The Board gave him a one (1) month extension for the red truck.  He must license and register it, or move it off the property.  This violation was given a one (1) month extension.


Before Mr. Bailey left the meeting he stated he had a complaint.  He was very upset that someone was on “his” property and took pictures of it without his permission or his knowledge.  President Dann explained to him and his girlfriend that he was never on his property.  He was on the neighbor’s property – WITH his (the neighbor’s) permission, and Mr. Dann also spoke with the property owner (Jason Elder) who was okay with the pictures being taken.  It was determined that in the future, if photographic evidence needs to be taken, someone will knock on the door and let them know in advance.


Mr. Loewenstein was also present but received no violations and had no comments.  He was present with Mr. Bailey and his girlfriend.




Jim Hardway made a motion to accept the consent agenda.  Jim Lansford seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  




  1.  Motor Vehicle Audit – Stipend:  The State of Illinois has issued an order to complete a ten (10) year Motor Vehicle Audit.  This is outside the scope of Shirley’s work, and the majority of her research will entail work that was completed prior to her taking office.  She will need to pull data from the previous treasurer – whose reports were completed on a dot matrix program.  President Dann suggested the Board issue her a stipend to compensate her for the copious amount of work ahead of her.  Jim Lansford made a motion to to issue Shirley Badman a one time stipend in the amount of $500 for the Motor Vehicle Audit.  Jeane Breiland seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.
  2. Discussion and Possible Vote for Sidewalk Repair on Main Street:  The sidewalk in front of Roger Farris’s property is being replaced.  It will be 56’ by 6” deep.  The winning bid came in from Cody Miller DBA/ Limited Land Management at $2700.  Jeane Breiland made a motion to reward Miller the bid for $2700 for the sidewalk repair.  Jim Lansford seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.




Work at the Bank: 

  • 2 closets ripped out to extend the storage area
  • Carpets out
  • Sub floor is 2 ply thick and parts needs to be replaced
  • 1 floor joist is cracked.  They are not replacing it; they are strengthening it by “sistering” it with 2 juices.
  • Cler’s took the tower down at no cost to the Village.
  • T-Mobile surveyed the land and pre-surveyed the pin where the tower will sit.


Metro is installing the fiber optics.  There were several JULIE requests that were completed for this purpose.  Frontier has also reached out.  They are also bringing fiber optics.




Went to Effingham for training.

Had an informal meeting with IL American Water.

IL American Water is installing a new meter at the Deer Lake main.  They are losing 5000 gallons a day through that old meter.

Samples all came back good.

Been working on paperwork for the EPA.




Per IL American Water: Our water department is the cleanest department they have been in.  They are seriously interested in purchasing our water department.  Water bills will go up “ significantly.”  This is set to happen in October.  It takes approximately nine (9) months to finalize a purchase of a water department.  IF this is something the Village will entertain, it would be nice to finish by the end of April 2024 to wrap up the fiscal year.  They stated “Camargo” will stay on the water tower, and IL American Water will be on the other side.  Unfortunately, the Verizon money / lease goes to IL American Water.  We will have to sign over the lease and ask for compensation in the asking price.


President Dann would like to purchase more flags for Memorial Day.  He received a flier where we could purchase them: $138 for 100 flags.  Shirley will look on Amazon for a better price / lower cost / cheaper shipping.




With no further action to come before the Board, Village President Bart Dann called for adjournment at 7:14 pm.